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  • Learning Photography in Ethiopia

    Learning photography in Ethiopia is not an easy task. The article explains why while striving to give a few pointers.

  • Scattered and Seemingly Random Acts of Preserving Photography in Ethiopia

    It has never been the case that there is a lack of history, it is the documentation and the accessibility of the history that is a hurdle when studying the history of photography in Ethiopia. This article aims to organize attempts at preserving history of photography in Ethiopia.

  • Informative Photography in Ethiopia: Availability and Exposure

    Photography in Ethiopia is also a way of informing. There are newspapers but not many avid readers. Most of the young generation consume their media online where the content is subject to bias as each user posts a photo or news that has meaning to them. Can traces of Addis Ababa’s change be observed through everyday photographs?

  • Center for Photography in Ethiopia

    Center for Photography in Ethiopia, also known as CPE was founded on a simple idea that photographers needed training that included critical thinking.

  • Made Me Stare #1

    I kept staring at the photo, trying to find out what made it unique. I began to take out each element and saw how the photo could be with and without the elements.

  • Website!

    I saw many photographs that were organized into folders and PDFs but hadn’t seen light of day. I need to have everything under one domain.