A Home Unique

Delving into the thought of what makes a home unique enables one to find oneself at home. Home is where the heart is; it is where one leaves the mind and dwells in the heart. It is where one begins to feel and make things in one’s own order. No one can question this order because it is stalked up by circumstances and experiences extracted by one’s way of doing things. This applies in a way that is unique. Your home cannot be mine, my home cannot be to yours. But we can say we belong together, somewhere.

A home, through its uniqueness, is an epitome showing how our interaction with our own inner and outer world has its own order. And this one, unique order, one ought to observe and analyze calmly because it can shape one’s Outer Life.

The home reflects our Inner Life and our becoming on the Outer. In this case my Inner Life. I hope this work allows my audience to question theirs.

This body of work has been exhibited in Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba, Uganda Press Photo Awards 2017 and Alliance Ethio-Francaise Addis Ababa.